Two Bass Players Walk into a Bar …

The Give-Outs are a by-product of a midlife crisis, fueled largely by decrepitude, indifferent offspring, and creeping ennui. Jay Hines of The Subteens and Richard Branyan, formerly of The Scruffs and Randy Band, met in 2014 and quickly bonded over their shared obsession with glam, punk, and power pop.

Talking music became playing music, but, as both are bassists, work began in earnest only after Jay lost the coin toss and agreed to strangle rhythm guitar. Drummer John Bonds (The Rough Hearts, River City Tanlines, The Subteens – aw hell, pretty much any Memphis band you can think of) was added to the mix and the noise soon grew noticeably louder. They began a habit of periodically meeting at 5 & Dime Recording to exorcise feelings of inadequacy. The rest, as they say, is inconsequential.