We’ve Gotten the Masters Back …

We’ve gotten the masters back from Sky Onion and they sound amazing! For those who don’t know, mastering is the process by which an engineer takes a good-sounding mix and makes it sound professional and consistent. It corrects minor issues and enhances certain sonic characteristics.

Gus at Sky Onion says:

My approach to mastering depends on the source material and the needs of the artist. Sometimes the goal is to enhance and color a mix to make an otherwise “flat” sounding recording come alive on the speakers. Other times it’s about maintaining the sonic qualities of a mix while making minor adjustments in the most transparent way possible. I try my hardest to achieve whatever sound the artist is after while subjecting every recording to the highest possible level of quality control.

Wanna hear a couple of before and afters? Sure you do.

“You Won’t Hear Me Say It”

“You Won’t Hear Me Say It” (Mastered)

“I’d Rather See You”

“I’d Rather See You” (Mastered)

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