Richard and I Head Back …

Richard and I head back in this afternoon to continue work on vocals and guitar noodles. (And maybe a bass line.) I need to get vocals on my two new ones, plus fix “Don’t Let ’em In.” I want to hear what is sounds like with Richard singing the first verse and I want to fix the part at the end. Also, I want to completely re-sing “You Won’t Hear Me Say It” and see what’s what now that I’m more used to lead vocal duties. I also want to hear “One of These Days” with less effects on vocals.

Oh! Guitar amp finally arrived. Sounds great.

Anyway, work continues.

Snow Screwed Up My Amp Delivery …

Snow screwed up my amp delivery, even though it was already on the truck. D’oh!

I’ve become a bit obsessive about my vocals, listening to roughs over and over and over. Some I like, some I really don’t. This is one of those times when I wish someone would just tell me what to do.

Although they aren’t all finished, this is most likely all the songs that will be appearing on The Give-Outs first record. Ten songs, 23 minutes. Nice and compact. One minute shorter than Buddy Holly’s first record!

  1. You Won’t Hear Me Say It
  2. I’d Rather See You
  3. Butthurt Blues
  4. One of These Days
  5. Better Than Me
  6. Don’t Let ’em In
  7. Temporary Problem
  8. Close Call
  9. Tricky
  10. After So Many Years

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Richard and I got back in the studio December 29th to finish up all the harmonies on everything so far, and then on the 31st we got back in with John to track three new ones. (Two of mine and one of Richard’s.) I have complete lyrics for one and I’m just starting on the second song. Have I mentioned lyrics are hard? I sold a couple of rugs and a desk and bought a Fender Champion 20 amp. ($100. Cheap!) Hopefully it shows up in one piece.