We Got Together Last Night …

We got together last night with J.D., and then John stopped by after work to have a listen. J.D.’s friend Jason was originally going to drop in to play some keyboards but was unable to attend.

Anyway, things are definitely getting there. I recorded new and improved lyrics for the verses and bridge on “One of These Days,” and then J.D. put down guitar parts and keyboards on my two songs. He played a shitload of tambourine on three of the four and sang some harmonies at the end of “I’d Rather See You,” too. I played 12-string guitar on “You Won’t Hear Me Say It” for the bridge and Richard added his guitar part at the end over J.D.’s Bob Mould shredding. Studio work is slow, but it’s exciting seeing these songs come to life.

We’ve Been Hitting this Studio Band …

We’ve been hitting this studio band project pretty hard lately, but we haven’t talked much about what to do with these four songs when we’re done. CDs are deader than fucking fried chicken, that’s a given. One outlet I have considered is Bandcamp, but I wish there were some inexpensive way to press a few 45s. Now that would be cool.

Harry Sent Me the Second Round of Roughs …

Harry sent me the second round of roughs, this time with vocals. The first two songs, “You Won’t Hear Me Say It” and “I’d Rather See You” both turned out pretty well. My second song, “One of These Days,” is fucking horrific. Richard wasn’t happy with his vocals on “Close Call” either. Ugh.

The First Trial-By-Fire Weekend …

The first trial-by-fire weekend in the recording studio has come and gone. We got a lot done, everyone got along, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Richard and John played together like they’d known each other for years and it was a very positive atmosphere in which to create. Harry was especially skilled at gently easing us out of our comfort zones when we needed it. Here are the roughs from Saturday. Some idiot thought it would be funny to name all the working titles after Journey songs. What an asshole.

“Don’t Stop Believing”


“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'”

“Open Arms”

Sunday, we started dropping in other guitar parts, brainstorming others, and adding scratch vocals. No idea when we’re getting back in the studio.